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The Village Board approved additional restrictions to assist in regulating small wireless facilities summarized as follows:

We will require an environmental assessment shall be submitted in accordance with the FCC under 47 CFR § 1.1307 - ACTIONS THAT MAY HAVE A SIGNIFICANT ENVIRONMENTAL EFFECT, FOR WHICH ENVIRONMENTAL ASSESSMENTS (EAs) MUST BE PREPARED, for new communications facilities, and for existing communications facilities to which modifications to existing antennas or associated equipment is proposed, unless the facility and transmitter are granted exemptions by the FCC. 8-6-4 (D), (6), (k) 

Before a permit is issued, a  written affidavit must be submitted and signed by a radio frequency engineer certifying the communications facility’s compliance with applicable Federal Communications Commission (FCC) rules and regulations relative to radio frequency  emissions, as well as technical data such as the frequencies in use, power output levels and antenna specifications, reasonably necessary to evaluate compliance with maximum permissible exposure levels set by the FCC, as well as a monitoring plan. 8-6-4 (D), (l) 

We will require testing within 30 days of installation, and then quarterly, reports showing continuing compliance with FCC radio frequency emission limits including field testing at various points around the communications facility. 8-6-20 (E), (F), and (G) 

We will be authorized to revoke a permit if the  communications  facility  is  found  to  have  been  in  violation  of  FCC radio frequency emission standards and the Telecommunications Provider, after becoming aware of such violation, fails to shut-down or otherwise cure the violation within three (3) calendar days. Additionally, the amendments declare that facilities which exceed FCC radio frequency emissions are a public nuisance which may be summarily abated by the Village and fines assessed. 8-6-11 (A), 8-6-20 (F)  

We will require camouflaging in the downtown business districts and historical areas of town. 86-15 (H) (3) 

We will prohibit wireless facilities from being located closer than 300 feet from a school. 8-6-15 (A) (6) (d) (1)

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7. The Village Board approved additional restrictions to assist in regulating small wireless facilities summarized as follows:
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