Utility Permits

Utility companies with Village franchise agreements (ComEd, Nicor, AT&T, Astound/WOW, Comcast, etc.) must obtain permits for installing or replacing their facilities in the Village.  An outline of the Village’s permitting process is included below.

    1. Permit Application – The following documents must be submitted to PW@glenellyn.org:
      1. Cover Letter containing Date of Application; Applicant Name, Phone Number, & Email; Location of Work, Scope of Work; Reason for Work; Anticipated Start Date; Duration of Work; Owner (Utility Company) Contact Information; Contractor Name & Contact Information; and signature lines for the permit to be granted by Public Works.
      2. Engineering Drawings that clearly communicate the scope of and exact location of work.
      3. Location Map(s) if there are multiple locations or location is not evident from the Engineering Drawings.  
      4. Any related details, standards, construction notes, or legends that communicate the proposed scope.  Details must be provided showing the size, location, and aesthetics of any proposed above ground or at-grade equipment.
      5. Permit review turnaround is typically within 10 business days but may vary depending on size/scope of project, time of year, and volume of applications.
    2. Construction Coordination – Public Works staff must be informed in advance of commencement of construction activities to communicate points of contact, construction and restoration scheduling, and possible site meeting to discuss traffic control, tree protection, work areas/access, notification efforts, etc.  Staff needs to be updated of any changes to schedule or scope.
    3. Permit Closeout - Notify staff upon completion of work for a final inspection.  Submit as-builts drawings or verify that there was no notable deviation from the approved permit submittals.  A final inspection will be completed, and the permit will be closed pending any issues with restoration.