Architectural Appearance Commission

Current Commission Members

Sue Jacobson, Chair
Pam Albrecht
Yavor Goranov
Heather Mees
Eric Rahm
Lisa Sallwasser
Julia Smith

Trustee Liaison: Anne Gould
Staff Liaison:  Emily Rodman, Assistant Village Manger | Community Development Director

Member Details

The Architectural Appearance Commission consists of 7 members including:

  • 3 architects;
  • 1 landscape architect; and
  • 1 member each from the Plan Commission, Historic Preservation Commission, and Environmental Commission. If unavailable, at large members can be appointed.

Each of the members must work or live in Glen Ellyn.

Intent & Purpose

The intent and purpose of the Architectural Appearance Commission is to promote quality architectural and landscape design that is reflective of the unique identity of the Village. The Commission will promote attractive, cohesive and architecturally compatible design of new principal buildings and associated landscaping for non-residential, multi-family residential, and townhome developments throughout the Village of Glen Ellyn. In addition, any significant façade improvements and additions that would require Planned Unit Development approval within the Village’s central business districts would be reviewed by the Commission to ensure the compatibility of the development with the historic character and charm of the downtown. The Architectural Appearance Commission will provide transparent oversight of the Village’s design review process.

Duties & Responsibilities

To review exterior architectural design drawings, materials, and associated landscape plans for non-residential, multi-family residential and townhome developments and make recommendations to the Village Board regarding their conformance with the Village’s Architecture Appearance Guidelines as specified below. 

In the downtown central business district C5A and C5B zoning districts:

  • All significant façade remodeling
  • New principal buildings
  • Principal building additions that require Planned Unit Development approval
  • Landscaping associated with the above types of development

Throughout the Village; excluding C5A & C5B zoning districts:

  • New principal buildings
  • Landscaping associated with new principal buildings

Meeting Details

The Architectural Appearance Commission meets the 2nd Wednesdays of the month at 7:00 PM at the Glen Ellyn Civic Center.

Agendas & Minutes

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