Roosevelt Road Hotel Properties

Update November 16, 2023

The Village of Glen Ellyn is continuing its plans to move forward with the development of the two former hotel properties located at 675-677 Roosevelt Road and 660 Taft Road.

The Village Board received seven offers from commercial, office, and residential developers, which have been narrowed down to four, and negotiations are taking place with potential developers. Given the current economic climate, these negotiations are more complicated than standard discussions.

The properties were originally purchased by the Village for $2.85 million in January 2022. Kon Savoy Consulting Group was selected to help identify a vision for the redevelopment of the site and to recruit potential developers. Working with Kon Savoy, the Village embarked on an extensive public input process including the establishment of an Ad Hoc Work Group and online social pinpoint tool. The Work Group held public listening sessions and provided recommendations in a design charette process that resulted in redevelopment concepts for the site. These concepts were presented to the Board in October 2022 and submittal requirements for potential developers were posted in November 2022. The Village’s real estate broker, CBRE, marketed the site to the development community.

Over the last few months, letters of intent were secured and negotiations have begun to facilitate a purchase and sale agreement (PSA) with potential developers.

“The Board is excited to get the property developed and back on the tax roll,” said Village Manager Mark Franz. “We will continue to keep the public informed as the project moves forward.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Update January 31, 2023

The Village Board understands the requests of some individuals to see the names and offer amounts of the several developers which have responded to our Request for Proposals. It is incumbent on the Village Board to determine which, if any, offers on the properties meet the long-term development goals of the Village, and provide the best value and return on investment for the residents of Glen Ellyn. The Village and its elected officials have conducted and facilitated numerous public meetings seeking public input, the result of which indicates that there are multiple uses and configurations being proposed by the Village.

Our broker advises us that it is a common and best practice in real estate development that developers expect confidentiality both in their identity and specific offers. Confidentiality has been requested by more than one developer in response to our Request for Proposals. Disclosing information can weaken ongoing negotiations

The reality is that the Village is competing with other sites in other communities where the potential developers can choose to locate. Disclosing offers would give other competitive communities the ability to attract them away from Glen Ellyn, offering other sites or incentives. If a developer believes that the Village disclosed confidential information for which they have spent considerable time and money, they could choose to withdraw from the negotiation process altogether.  This could also damage the Village’s ability to attract developers for other projects.

At present, only interviews of potential developers have taken place.  No negotiations have begun with any developer and the Village expects the process to take 60 days or more before a decision comes to a vote by the Board in a public meeting. The Village will ensure that as the Village Board nears a decision, our residents will be fully informed of the time and place for that discussion.

Update December 13, 2022

At the current time the Village Board is considering 7 offers from commercial, office, and residential developers on various permutations involving the assembly of the seven property parcels which comprise the “Roosevelt Rd/Taft Site”. Records and documents relating to real estate sales negotiations are exempt from disclosure, until a sale is consummated, pursuant to 5 ILCS 140/7(1)(r), of the Freedom of Information Act. The Village will be evaluating these proposals over the next 60 days including scheduled meetings with the developers to fully understand their plans and offers. 

Update November 9, 2022

The Village has posted Purchase Offer Submittal Requirements for the Roosevelt Road/Taft Avenue Redevelopment site. Glen Ellyn is seeking a development team that offers the qualifications, experience, and commitment to implement a redevelopment plan that meets the community’s expectations.

Click here to view the Purchase Offer Submittal Requirements

Update October 10, 2022

The Village Plan Commission reviewed redevelopment concepts for the 2.2-acre Roosevelt Road Taft Avenue site during a special meeting on October 6. These concepts were developed through a design charrette process that occurred this past June. Plan Commission members provided feedback on the conceptual site plans and other related aspects of redevelopment. This feedback will be incorporated into final concepts prepared by the Village’s consultant Kon Savoy Consulting Group, to be shared with the Village Board at its upcoming November 7 meeting. Additionally, the Village has hired CBRE to assist us in marketing the site for redevelopment.

The final redevelopment concepts approved by the Village Board for further consideration will be provided to CBRE and all interested parties in order to communicate the Community’s vision and align potential development plans with this vision. The Village will consider all options that align with the Village’s goals to secure successful redevelopment. 

Site Location Map


On January 12, 2022 the Village of Glen Ellyn closed on two Roosevelt Road hotel properties at a cost of $2.85 million. The properties consist of approximately 2.2 acres and include two buildings located at 675-677 Roosevelt Road and 660 Taft Road.

In anticipation of closing on the hotel properties, the Village issued a Request for Proposals (RFP) in August. In September, the Village selected Kon Savoy Consulting Group of Evanston, IL to assist in identifying a vision for redevelopment of the site and to recruit potential developers. The Village has begun accepting public input on the redevelopment of the properties, which will continue through late April.

In February 2022, the Village Board established the Roosevelt Road/Taft Avenue Hotel Sites Work Group and appointed ten members of the Glen Ellyn community. The Ad Hoc Work Group held three public listening sessions in April, May and June to solicit public input and gather information on potential redevelopment of the sites. To view recordings of the meetings, please click on the links under  "Public Input Process" below. 

Following completion of the Listening Sessions by the Ad Hoc Work Group, the Village will be engaging in a visioning process. The process will be led by the Village's consultant, Kon Savoy Consulting, and wil bring together existing site constraints, the results of a market analysis and the public input received. This information will be used to inform the development of up to five (5) different concept plans for the site. Concepts considered for the site may include commercial retail and restaurant uses, multi-family housing, attainable housing, or mixed-use development.

Hotel building
Hotel building

Public Input Process

The Village has set forth a multi-step public engagement process in order to gather community input on redevelopment alternatives for the site. The process includes the following steps:

    1. Community Open House - March 7, 2022

    2.  Ad Hoc Work Group (Click on the date view the video of the meeting)

    3.  Concept Design Charrette: June 22, 2022

    4. Presentation to Plan Commission of Concepts & Public Comment/Feedback

    5. Presentation of Village Board Concept & Public Comment/Feedback

Once this process concludes, the Village's consultant will draft a Request for Proposals (RFP) to solicit a developer for the site. There will be a separate process to review the submitted proposals, gather public input and to select a developer. 

Project Notifications

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Draft Conceptual Plan Feedback

The Village has developed a site for community members to provide feedback on the draft conceptional site plans for the Roosevelt Road Hotel properties in Glen Ellyn. Five different options are under consideration. We invite you to provide your feedback. 

Click here to provide your feedback.

Public Comment via Social Pinpoint

To provide or view public comment the Village has received regarding potential redevelopment alternatives for the property, click here.