Dining Guide for Glen Ellyn

Discover more about Glen Ellyn's restaurants by utilizing the dining resources below:

Glen Ellyn Good Eats: Great Food Awaits

To view a full map of over 30 restaurants in the downtown, broken down by your favorite cuisine, visit here.

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Glen Ellyn Eats Facebook

Glen Ellyn To GoJoin the Glen Ellyn Eats Facebook page to view daily specials and up-to-date information for local restaurant offerings. Group members also regularly post photos and reviews of favorite meals. Have a special craving? This is the group to ask! You can find anything and everything food related in this local “foodie” Facebook group.

Parking in Downtown

Park by the Path

Planning for a longer visit in the downtown? Remember to “Park by the Path” and utilize the six parking lots along the Prairie Path for convenient parking. View the map HERE.

Park by the Path

Interactive Parking Map

The Village of Glen Ellyn offers an interactive parking map to easily locate parking choices and information for customer parking throughout the central business district.