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Fire Inspections 

The Village of Glen Ellyn conducts fire prevention inspections for business, commercial and multi-family residential properties. We provide this service primarily to educate the business community in a personal format, while also identifying hazards to gain code compliance and prevent fires.

The Community Development Department is the authority having jurisdiction over all fire prevention code matters. The Community Development Department is responsible for plan review, permit issuance and inspections related to fire code applications. The Fire Inspectors function under the authority of the Director of the Community Development Department in matters related to fire and building codes.

Initial inquiries related to fire and building code matters should be directed to the Community Development Department at 630-547-5250. Any inquiries regarding Key/Knox Boxes(fire department lock boxes) can be found on the Permits and Applications page or directed to the Community Development Department at 630-547-5250.

For the Business Owner – Ten Common Code Violations and 10 Easy Solutions

  1. Are there obstructions or storage in exit and passageways that would interfere with quick and safe egress? If so, remove any and all obstructions and storage.
  2. Are your exit and emergency lights illuminated and in good working order? If not, provide new light bulbs and/or batteries. 
  3. Are your fire extinguishers mounted and do they display a current annual certification tag? If not, hang them on approved brackets, clearly visible and have them inspected and re-tagged annually. 
  4. Are your fire alarm and sprinkler systems in good working order? A system test to ensure that they are operating properly is required annually to certify their operation. 
  5. Are your smoke detectors working? Make sure they are clean and tested monthly. Replace batteries and/or detectors as needed. 
  6. Do you keep your fire doors closed?  Fire doors must be kept in a "closed" position or held open by a magnetic device. Do not use door stops, wedges or anything else that would prevent the doors from closing in the event of a fire. 
  7. Are your self-closing fire doors maintained?  The annual fire alarm certification test will ensure these doors operate properly. 
  8. Are you using extension cords?  Extension cords may only be used for temporary basis and can never be used as permanent wiring. They cannot extend through walls, ceilings, floors, under or through doors and floor coverings. They cannot be plugged into one another. 
  9. Is your electrical panel clearly labeled? Are all junction boxes covered? If not, make sure they are and be certain firefighters can gain access to your electrical panel in the event of an emergency situation where power might need to be shut off. Maintain 36 inches of clearance in front of electrical boxes. 
  10. Is there storage in the furnace room?  If so, remove and discarding items that are combustible or flammable from these areas.

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