Applications, Forms & Guidelines


During this time, building permit applications and plans may be submitted electronically. Please see information on the submittal page for more details. 


How to use a fillable form: 

  1. Click to open the application
  2. Complete the application
  3. Click the print icon to print and then sign - OR- Click the Save icon to save the completed document to your computer, print and sign
  4. Scan your completed, signed application and email it with any required submittals to: In the email subject line include: Project Address and the Project Type

Forms & Guidelines

  1. 1 and 2 Family Zoning Worksheet Fillable (PDF)
  2. Adopted Building Codes, Ordinances and Applicable Regulations (PDF)
  3. Construction Rules of Conduct (PDF)
  4. Drainage Plan Review Requirements and Certification Fillable (PDF)
  5. Final Grading (Occupancy) Plan Requirements (PDF)
  6. Fire Protection Packet Fillable (PDF)
  7. Foundation and Height Certifications (PDF)
  8. Certificate of Building Height Compliance (PDF)
  9. Irrigation Well Handouts (PDF)
  10. Minimum Plan Review Submission Requirements 2021 (PDF)
  11. Plumbing Code Amendments (PDF)
  12. Procedure for Processing Prescribed Burns 2019 (PDF)
  13. Project Submission Procedures (PDF)
  14. Required COMMERCIAL Building Permit Inspections
  15. Required FOOD SERVICE ESTABLISHMENT Building Permit Inspections
  16. Required RESIDENTIAL Building Permit Inspections (PDF)
  17. Residential Fire Sprinkler System Requirements (PDF)
  18. Schedule of Fees and Deposits 2020 (PDF)
  19. Shed Guidelines
  20. Site Development (Grading) Plan Requirements (PDF)
  21. Stormwater Permit Flow Chart
  22. Temporary Occupancy Policy (PDF)
  23. Underground Utility Protection Information J.U.L.I.E. Fillable (PDF)
  24. Water Supply Fixture Unit Calculations Residential Fillable 2021 (PDF)
  25. Water Supply Fixture Unit Calculations - Commercial Fillable 2021
  26. Basement Remodeling Guideline
  27. Commercial Tenant Build-Outs - Preliminary Walkthrough Checklist
  28. EVCS Guideline
  29. Fire Alarm Guidelines - Existing Multi-Family Non-Sprinklered Buildings - rv 12-20
  30. Knox Key Boxes
  31. Requirements for Foundation Surveys and Height Certification Surveys
  32. Restaurant Build-Outs - Preliminary Walkthrough Checklist
  33. Standby Generator Guideline
  34. Work That Requires A Building Permit

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