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Curbside Composting

The Village of Glen Ellyn, together with Groot Industries, the Village’s contractual refuse/recycling hauler, offer a residential curbside composting program. According to the U.S Environmental Protection Agency, food is the single largest category of material placed in our landfills, taking up 30% of landfill space.

Glen Ellyn's curbside composting program allows residents to divert organic waste that would otherwise be placed in the trash. This process helps to create healthier soil, plants and crops, conserve and filter water, reduce the need for chemical fertilizers and suppress plant disease and pests.

Items permitted in compost:

  • Food scraps including vegetable and fruit scraps, pasta, breads, table scraps, egg shells, dairy
  • Coffee grounds and tea leaves
  • Cut flowers and houseplant leaves
  • Yard waste such as grass clippings, garden vegetation, leaves, brush, etc.

Items NOT permitted:

  • Meat, poultry or fish
  • Pet or human waste
  • Sanitary products or diapers
  • Glass, plastics and styrofoam
  • Treated wood
  • Invasive weeds or seeds
  • Soiled paper products or serving ware labeled "compostable"*
  • Plant-based plastic or bio-plastic cups, plates, utensils or bags (typically labeled with a #7)*

*At this time the Village's waste hauler does not accept these items for municipal composting.  Please check back as accepted items can change.

View our Frequently Asked Questions (PDF).

Resident Pricing

The program is offered on a voluntary, subscription basis. Residents who sign up can select a 35 gallon, 65 gallon or 95 gallon wheeled cart. Subscribers who use the organics cart for their yard waste and food scraps will not be required to purchase yard waste bags or stickers.

Container SizeMonthly Subscription Cost
35 gallon$13.00
65 gallon$15.11
95 gallon$18.81


Residents who participate in the project will receive their chosen cart for the weekly collection of organics. Both yard waste and food scraps may be placed in the organics cart. To participate in the program, please complete the Curbside Composting Program Signup form.

If you have questions pertaining to the Curbside Composting program, please call the Village at 630-469-5000.

Weekly collection occurs April through November, and then transitions to every other week during the winter months (December through March).

Winter Compost Schedule 2024:

  • December 4 & 18
  • January 2, 15, 22
  • February 5 & 19
  • March 4 & 18

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