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Budget Process

Basis of Accounting and Budget Process
Budget Preparation Calendar
Budget Public Hearing Notice
Budget Adoption Ordinance

Personnel Staffing and Salary Tables

Full-Time Budgeted Personnel History
Summary of Full-Time Employee Equivalents
Detailed Personnel Schedule by Department
Job Classifications by Department
Salary Tables
Summary of Village Employee Retirement Contributions

Interfund Transfer Recap

Statistical Schedules

Assessed Value and Actual Value of Taxable Property (Last 10 Years)
Property Tax Rates - Direct and Overlapping Governments (Last 10 Years)
Principal Property Tax Payers (Current Levy Year and 9 Years Ago)
Property Tax Levies and Collections (Last 10 Years)
Ratios of Outstanding General Obligation Debt by Type (Last 10 Years)
Demographic and Economic Information (Last 10 Years)
Principal Employers (Current Fiscal and 7 Years Ago)
Operating Indicators (Last 10 Years)

Glossary of Terms

Acronym Glossary