How do federal laws affect Illinois' law?

Although cannabis remains illegal at the federal level, federal law enforcement has rarely interfered with individuals possessing the state regulated legal amount or businesses complying with state enforced programs. Any questions related to Federal or State regulations should be directed to the proper agencies.

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1. When was cannabis made legal in Illinois?
2. How much cannabis may an individual possess?
3. Who can legally purchase and consume cannabis?
4. Who can legally grow and sell recreational cannabis?
5. Can the consumption/possession of cannabis be banned by a local municipality like Glen Ellyn?
6. Will the Village have any regulatory abilities?
7. What regulatory abilities, if any, do business owners and landlords have?
8. Will cannabis consumption be allowed in public spaces?
9. Where will consumption be allowed?
10. Does the Act itself restrict the location of cannabis businesses or advertising?
11. What is the licensing timeline?
12. What will the Village's role be in the licensing process?
13. Are there any changes to existing medical cannabis laws?
14. Is the sale of medical cannabis currently allowed in Glen Ellyn? If so, where?
15. How is cannabis taxed?
16. How will the potential tax revenue generated be used?
17. How do federal laws affect Illinois' law?
18. How does the law effect workplace drug policies?
19. Does the Act place limits on cannabis advertising?
20. How does recreational cannabis affect criminal records?