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2023 Community Survey

Published January 3, 2024

This past fall, the Village of Glen Ellyn completed its Community Survey, which is conducted approximately every six years and compares Glen Ellyn to other similar communities throughout the country. Results showed positive ratings for the Village in a wide range of areas including safety, economic health, and sense of community. 
A total of 3,000 households were randomly selected for a six-week data-collection period. This selection of the population was invited to take the survey through an online or printed version. The Village received a 26% response rate, higher than the industry standard of 20%. In addition, residents had the opportunity to participate in the survey through the Village’s website, social media, and electronic newsletter. 
The survey was customized to address the specific needs of Glen Ellyn, contained evaluative questions about the community, and local government services, and identified a variety of priorities and potential initiatives. The survey helps determine and report on the “livability” of Glen Ellyn, which not only deems a community habitable, but desirable. 
 “Our Village takes pride in providing a high quality of life to residents and businesses,” said Village Manager Mark Franz. “The Board and staff are committed to delivering reliable, cost-effective services by promoting a community of trust, respect, and citizen involvement which makes Glen Ellyn a vibrant place to work, live and visit.” 
 Some of the key findings reported in the survey indicate that 98% of Glen Ellyn residents feel safe in Glen Ellyn’s downtown/commercial areas and their overall feeling of safety within the Village (94%) is higher than the benchmarks. Most safety-related services also received positive evaluations from survey participants. Roughly 9 in 10 residents rated fire services and ambulance or emergency medical services as excellent or good, both being on par with national standards. 97% of respondents felt Glen Ellyn is a good place to live with a high quality of life and 9 out of 10 feel that Glen Ellyn has a high-quality image and reputation.

All mobility scores provided by Glen Ellyn residents ranked similar to or higher than comparable communities. When evaluating general aspects of mobility in the community, 9 in 10 respondents gave excellent or good marks to the ease of walking while 8 in 10 said the same for the ease of travel by car, the former which exceeds national trends. About three-quarters offered above-average reviews for the ease of travel by bicycle. Favorable ratings for the ease of public parking (72% excellent or good) increased by 23% since the 2017 survey.

Residents also identified the Village’s economy as a high priority. Survey participants praised the overall quality of business and service establishments in Glen Ellyn (86% excellent or good), which reflected a 21% improvement over the past six years, and an 18% increase in rating scores for the Downtown/commercial area. Overall economic development in the Village also received 15% higher ratings since 2017. 

Glen Ellyn families feel that the Village is a wonderful place to raise a family and have a strong sense of engagement with the community. More than 90% of respondents would recommend living in Glen Ellyn and plan to reside within the Village for at least the next five years.

Natural resources, overall cleanliness, air quality, and local parks were also rated highly among survey participants. People also feel there are plentiful opportunities for education, culture, and the arts. 

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