The Glen Ellyn Police Department offers Beverage Alcohol Sellers and Servers Education and Training (BASSET) as required by Illinois State law and Village of Glen Ellyn ordinance. This course is taught by two BASSET certified Glen Ellyn police officers and will certify participants to sell and serve alcohol within the Village and throughout the State (check local ordinances).

Goals & Objectives

The goals and objectives of the BASSET program are:

  1. Train and educate sellers and servers to engage in responsible alcohol service.
  2. Reduce and/or prevent driving under the influence occurrences and alcohol-related fatalities.
  3. Reduce and/or stop underage sales and underage drinking.
  4. Create safer communities and establishments where alcohol is served.
  5. Educate owners, managers and staff regarding state and local laws related to alcohol service.

Training Class Location & Information

BASSET training is offered to Glen Ellyn residents, those employed within the Village and those volunteering at events within the Village. The course costs $20 per person and is held at the:
Glen Ellyn Police Department
65 S Park Boulevard
Glen Ellyn, IL 60137

Class size is limited to a minimum of 5 to a maximum of 25 participants. For any additional questions regarding BASSET, please contact Sergeant Andrew Downey at 630-469-1187 or email Andrew Downey.


Submit a form to enroll in a BASSET class.

After a registration request has been submitted, you should receive an immediate automated reply confirming the registration. If you do not receive the confirmation notice, please contact Sergeant Downey at 630-469-1187 or email Sergeant Downey. Any inquiries via email or phone messages should receive a response within three business days.

 If a class is cancelled, you will be notified through the email address provided.

Class E Liquor License

If you are a class E liquor license holder and need to schedule a class before your event, email Sergeant Downey. Please include information regarding your event such as dates and the number of people requiring training. Please note that volunteers are required to attend a BASSET or equivalent program when selling or serving alcoholic beverages within the Village.

Alternate Programs

Glen Ellyn Village ordinance does not mandate employees attend the course offered by the Glen Ellyn Police Department. View a list of alternate programs, including online courses. However, these courses may not address local ordinance issues.


If you have any other inquiries regarding the Glen Ellyn Police Department’s BASSET program, please email Sergeant Downey or call him at 630-469-1187.