Trustee Steve Thompson

Trustee Thompson

Steve Thompson, Village Trustee

Term: 2023 to 2027
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Steve Thompson was elected as Village Trustee in 2019. Trustee Thompson has been a resident of Glen Ellyn since May 2000. He is an active volunteer in the Glen Ellyn Chamber of Commerce, having served as President in 2017 and 2018.  He retired in May 2019 from his other volunteer position as President of the Baker Hill Condominium Association after 11 years.  Trustee Thompson holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from Creighton University.  Trustee Thompson owns his own business, Merchant Payment Solutions Group, which provides credit card processing services and web marketing services to retail, restaurant, eCommerce and mobile businesses in the western suburbs.   

“My favorite part of Glen Ellyn is its small-town charm but with all the big city amenities close by. I love the mix of unique shops and restaurants, our great community events and our neighbors who really care about our community” said Thompson.