Building Board of Appeals


The Building Board of Appeals consists of 7 members including:

  • Village staff member from Building Division
  • The Fire Chief
  • The remaining five members shall have some experience or education in one or more of the following:
    • Builder/developer/general contractor
    • Building inspector
    • Engineer/architect
    • Mechanical/electrical/plumbing/fire protection contractor
    • Related field

The Building Board of Appeals shall consist of members who are qualified by experience or training to review matters pertaining to building, mechanical, electrical, plumbing or fire protection construction. The board shall include the appropriate staff members and qualified volunteers.

Intent & Purpose

To provide a hearing body for appeals from administrative decisions of the Building and Zoning Official and to advise the Village Board regarding amendments to the National Building Code for the Village.

Duties & Responsibilities

The primary duties and responsibilities of the Building Board of Appeals are:

  • To establish a time for and conduct public hearings and make written finding of fact and recommendations to the Village Board concerning Appeals from any final order, requirement, decision or determination made by an administrative official charged with the enforcement of the Building Code.
  • To review and evaluate the provisions of the Building Code and to advise the Village Board concerning amendments to the Building Code for conformance with industry standards.
  • To hear and decide all matters referred to it by the Village Board or upon which it is required to act under the Village Code, or as prescribed by the applicable provisions of the Illinois Revised Statutes.

Meeting Details

Meets as necessary

Agendas & Minutes

To view current and past agendas and minutes for the Building Board of Appeals, please visit the online portal.

Board Membership

To view current members, current openings and to apply for vacant positions visit the Boards and Commissions online portal.